Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council

Oleksandr Mashtepa

Oleksandr is a businessman active in the Ukrainian resource development industry, is a public figure and social activist.

Non-executive President of British Ukraine and current ambassador of the Commonwealth to Ukraine since February 2021.

Leader of the Committees of Ukraine since 2020 under the direction of The Greek Crown.

Oleksandr started his business activities in 2003 via LLC Svit which led the exploration activities in the Carpathian Mount region. He has extensive experience building effective exploration teams and delivering quality resources with a focus on gold and coal. As an executive Oleksandr provided strategic vision, planning, and implementation of many values creating programs for junior and senior gold, copper and coal producers.

In 2012 and 2014 participated in elections to Ukrainian Parliament as a people’s candidate. Involved in numerous social and charitable activities within Ukraine in cooperation with foundations and public organizations.

Served for 10 months as the President of the Assembly of Ukraine in the Supreme Congress.

A graduate of the Kiev National Economic University.

Oleksandr was born in Ukraine on June 14, 1978.