Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council

Athens Council Manifesto

Athens Council is an organisation that was founded in 2019 in Athens, Greece, named after the place of establishment, that forms a group of people that are in a position to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between countries that have entered onto the bright path to develop in a sustainable and prosperous way their economies and political systems.

The Council is a non-lucrative and a non-political Assembly.

Our Mission

The council serves as a unique platform with a view of taking a step towards world peace, happiness and global prosperity by creating as a first step a neutral Ukraine, which has been a cross road of tensions and ground zero for most of the conflicts between the Great Powers after the cold war.


Since the time that British ships traveled to India there have been countless wars on Crimea grounds and hence the centuries long British policy of containment against Russia and forbidding access to the warmer sea routes.

Ukraine is an important country on the international map with a substantial population, historically strong industry and agriculture, as well as very specific and influential geo-political placement.

Leadership in Ukraine is conscious of internal responsibility factors but a major part of Ukrainian development problems is grid locked in external geo-political situation which could be unlocked by international consensus via the council.

As a key factor in global tensions, when tensions calm down in Ukraine, they will calm down across the world and affect profoundly all other conflicts, therein reflecting on the general international situation, security and economy.

Goals Description

The council is being setup in the first instance as a platform to develop and support Ukraine under European guidance to place the country on the bright path after 28 years following independence of failed leadership and loss of 51% of GDP.

We live today in a strongly interconnected world, and politically stability and neutrality in Ukraine and its independence in internal and international policy will serve well to remove the international tension between bigger players in between of which Ukraine finds itself today, being ultimately of benefit to the world.

As one of the countries that first expressed willingness to support global peace via the council, Britain is now in an ideal position and trajectory, fast en-route to becoming a peaceful and agreeable country to be the leading force in Ukrainian politics in the following years, something that is supported by most countries in the world and Britain is viewed as the safe and prudent choice due to its special relations with the US. The participation of other European countries in this process will be via the Athens Council, which will take all decisions by consensus.

An initial step will be around assembling the correct team around the Ukrainian president to deliver a sustainable transformation of the country and the starting point of such transformation will be the reformation of the national energy policy, including steps around the gas transmission system.

The Ukrainian market is a valuable market that up until this point has been largely inaccessible to Europe and the council will look via private and government initiative to proceed to a series of privatization and transformation programs to foster commercially and socially beneficial relationships with other states.

The council supports the creation of a new independent joint banking system shielded from potential problems from misuse by bankers and others whether that’s in respect of a bank made for specific purposes like the one potentially for refinancing Ukraine’s debt, or in a greater scheme of things creating a new interbank settlement mechanism, a bank of technology or a financing and transaction bank for inter-country trade that does not do investment and is therefore risk free.

Military and security concerns is another important topic that will be addressed by way of better communication between countries to bring peace to countries like Ukraine and Iran and prevent any misuse of military forces abroad, leading to the restoration of full sovereignty of the host countries on their territories and liquidation of external military bases.

More specifically this includes addressing the war in Donbass, humanitarian and philanthropic matters as well as other areas in Ukraine and abroad can be addressed in regular meetings of the council, as per agenda distributed to the council membership.

The council over its existence will address various aspects of all manner of bilateral and multilateral agreements on trade, economy and philanthropy between the countries involved with the council and any future members.

The council aims to bring together national and international high-level collective intelligence in favor of economic and social development of its members, inclusive of joint projects like a property exchange and various industry exercises.

Philanthropy will be driven via the foundations connected to the council members, being a matter that connects all country members, either it concerns issues like prevention of poverty, creating opportunities for youth or collaboration in healthcare via building and expanding hospitals that share funding, technologies and people with a view of creating healthcare that is available and accessible to people.

The council also supports environmental concerns and via philanthropic and commercial efforts will see to promote programs like Green Ukraine, Green Greece and Green Britain, etc. for each country member on the government level inclusive of items like clean and accessible water, waste processing and renewable energy.

Council staff will also be involved in collection and accumulation of information, provision of advisory assistance and coordination of the fight against high-level corruption.

Version 6 of october 2, 2019