Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council

Martin Adrian King

Martin is an investor, business development executive and civil servant with a broad range of experience having held a variety of board roles namely in venture capital and private equity.

Martin is the chief director of the non-ministerial department BOFU of HM Government.

From 2021 Martin is the Chancellor of British Ukraine and serves on the council of British Ukraine.

With a degree in Engineering Product Design from London South Bank University, Martin's career began as a design draughtsman, initially working on prototype development on a number of ground-breaking products, from commercial satellite communication systems through to key components for NASA related to the Space Shuttle programme. Being drawn toward the financing side of these product development industries Martin's career turned to financial strategy and business consulting.

He draws on a broad range of business experience. From within the financial services industry Martin created and developed business and tax consultancies, new financial products for the public market through to wealth management and tax planning services. Within general business development as a business angel and interim management roles Martin has focused on shareholder and equity value generation, from funding through to commercialisation, global expansion and exit across a number of industries.

Martin headed-up the key business development areas for Ve Interactive Ltd from 2010 to 2017. Ve, winner of the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100” in 2015 and in the top ten in 2016, was once heralded a “Tech Unicorn” prior to its early demise through a hostile takeover in 2017. Martin was a founder investor and director until a consolidation of the Board in late 2016 ahead of a planned institutional placement in mid-2017.

In 2019 Martin was a co-founder of One Tribe Global Ltd, the world’s first and only B2B Climate Action platform engaging online businesses and their customers to make a positive environmental impact. Through micro-donations linked to product sales and newsletter sign-up incentives deliver significant reductions in customer CPA and validated Climate Action.

As an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history, Martin now consults for a number of businesses which align with his areas of interest, with particular focus in FinTech, Marketing Tech, Environmental Impact, Renewable Energy and Social Impact projects.

Additionally, Martin is a member of the Athens Council, a non-lucrative and a non-political Assembly. As a group the members of AC are in a position to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between countries to develop sustainable and prosperous path for their economies and political systems.

Martin brings a wealth of experience to Gofer Gold (UK) as well as a large network of Family Office, Wealth Management and Financial Groups to assist with distribution of the Company’s asset-backed financial product suite.

Martin was born in the United Kingdom on May 22, 1962.