Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council


Proposing Green Ukraine Program

ATHENS, GREECE - MAY 11, 2020 - the Athens Council ("AC") announces the proposition for a Green Ukraine program as a partnership between the Ukrainian government and any private founding members like Gofer Group, a large British conglomerate who already has multiple green projects in Ukraine in the waste, forestry and renewable energy sectors.

This is announced in the context of a working document from the Ecology Committee and following the June 2020 video-conference meetings of the Athens Council and the EU and Eastern Partnership where among the long-term objectives of a prosperous eastern neighborhood was outlined a desired shift to more green projects and innovation.

After the success of the Green Greece program by the Alexander Foundation and KTI, under the auspices of the Athens Council, major banks in a consortium led by Barclays Bank and the British Technology Bank expressed an interest to finance green projects in Ukraine.

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About the Athens Council

Athens Council is an organisation founded earlier this year in Athens, Greece, named after the place of establishment, that will form a group of people that are in a position to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between countries that have entered onto the bright path to develop in a sustainable and prosperous way their economies and political systems.