Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council


Border and Customs Security in Ukraine

ATHENS, GREECE - NOVEMBER 4, 2020 - the Athens Council ("AC") announces its proposal to the Ukrainian Government for the creation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Border and Customs Security following consultations with foreign partners, agencies and other stakeholders.

The idea has been discussed during President Zelensky recent visit to the United Kingdom and in meetings with British agencies, paving the way for the UK to build stronger trade ties with Ukraine via among other things a proper border and customs procedure, as well as streamlined economic and tax implications.

During the visit Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Zelensky signed a number of bilateral documents, including the “UK-Ukraine Agreement on Political Cooperation, Free Trade and Strategic Partnership” which places a solid foundation for the creation of such a ministry.

The United Kingdom, IMF and broader Europe are very interested in this field in order to fight corruption in Ukraine, where establishing order in border related issues is paramount for the development of the Ukrainian economy and public finances, and consequently the ability of Ukraine to serve it external debts.

The structure of the new ministry has been coordinated and personal nominations of recognized professionals prepared by the Ukrainian representative of the Athens Council, Oleksandr Mashtepa, and represents best international practices today.

The Ministry of Border and Customs Security of Ukraine will unify the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the State Customs Service of Ukraine, the special forces DOZOR, the pre-trial investigation authorities, the Economic Security and Combating Corruption Authorities and relevant ministry apparatus.

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