Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council


Formation of the Ecology Committee

ATHENS, GREECE - FEBRUARY 13, 2020 - the Athens Council ("AC") announced the formation of an Ecology Committee to review the progress on the Green Greece program and form a working group on exploring and developing the green matters and initiatives of the council.

There are 3 initial members on the committee, and these are Prof. John Hopkins, Gavin Schmidt and Dr. Maria Johan Sophield. All members of the committee are independent of the council.

The committee will meet quarterly to report its progress to the council.

For media questions please contact Maria Venizelou

About the Athens Council

Athens Council is an organisation founded last year in Athens, Greece, named after the place of establishment, that will form a group of people that are in a position to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between countries that have entered onto the bright path to develop in a sustainable and prosperous way their economies and political systems.