Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council


Established British Ukraine

ATHENS, GREECE - FEBRUARY 2, 2021 - the Athens Council ("AC") announces that within the context of its manifesto it has established the British Ukraine Foundation at One Kingdom Street, London W2 6BD in the name of the people of Ukraine as its principal, and as a vehicle for the purposes of implementing their will.

It is the wish of the people of Ukraine to become a Commonwealth Realm, to join the British Commonwealth of Nations, build a creative society, and adopt British standards in terms of democracy, rights of the people, court and public governance, and commerce and regulation – to become a British Ukraine.

The Foundation aims to support building of better trade, political and strategic relationships between Ukraine, Britain and other members of the Commonwealth.

The Foundation may promote any other aims that is the will of the Principal of the Foundation in respect of aims that fall within the promotion or of regulation of items of commerce, trade, politics, science or education under British guidance.

The Foundation has therefore created the Committees of Ukraine to advance these issues, as a valid mechanism for creating the first template of relationships within Global Britain in the context of the Commonwealth.

Committee members are to be people of note that represent the various areas of society, including representatives of all key political parties and authorities, the courts, social activists, media, recognised leaders in various areas and representatives of various sectors, business and industry in Ukraine.

The Foundation will also focus on wider issues concerning the British Commonwealth, spanning issues like the Green Agenda, economic integrity and financial inclusion. A number of members of the Ukrainian Committees intend to participate in the House of Committees of the Supreme Congress and become part of the Ukrainian assembly.

To ensure the authentic and genuine operation of British Ukraine, the Trustees’ of the Foundation, who are also its board, is a collection of a broad range of independent views by having one citizen from each country of the world.

For media questions please contact Maria Venizelou

About the Athens Council

The Athens Council is an organisation founded in 2019, in Athens, Greece, named after the place of establishment, that forms a group of individuals that are positioned to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between countries that have entered onto the bright path to develop in a sustainable and prosperous way their economies and political systems.