Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council


Creation of the British Technology Bank

ATHENS, GREECE - NOVEMBER 20, 2019 - the Athens Council ("AC") announces the creation of the British Technology Bank, a research and infrastructure bank that seeks to leverage research and technology to drive the next generation of banking and payment solutions for Europe.

The new bank under the auspices of the council will work with central banks who will become shareholders to the bank and the respective funds will be used to develop projects within the respective countries.

To the tune of 100 mil. sterling each, the United Kingdom, Greece and Ukraine, have expressed an interest to participate in such projects.

The above will be financed from funds to be invested by the Alexander Foundation, and with a further investment expected from Gofer Wealth plc the bank is expected to end up with a capital of own funds of around 1 bn. sterling.

For media questions please contact Maria Venizelou

About the Athens Council

Athens Council is an organisation founded earlier this year in Athens, Greece, named after the place of establishment, that will form a group of people that are in a position to help foster mutually beneficial relationships between countries that have entered onto the bright path to develop in a sustainable and prosperous way their economies and political systems.