Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council


Chinese Medicine Initiative
for Europe, Africa and Commonwealth

ATHENS, GREECE - FEBRUARY 17, 2021 - the Athens Council ("AC") announces the initiative of Chinese Medicine for Europe, Africa and Commonwealth to take to the next level the work it has been doing over the past year in helping with the COVID-19 crisis and assisting with recovery from the virus in Ukraine, Greece and other areas.

The demonstrated success of Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") and the performance of Gofer Bio jointly with the main scientific TCM institution in the world, the Beijing Taisu Linglan Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, under the auspices of the Athens Council, places strong foundations to proceed with further funding and promotion of Chinese Medicine in general in the Europe, African regions and the Commonwealth of Nations.

To enable this, Gofer Bio, part of the British conglomerate Gofer, is the first significant investor to this initiative. The funds will be used to advance the use of Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine in these geographies by lobbying various stakeholders, investing into distribution infrastructure and activities, as well as to educate people on the benefits of such medicine of Chinese origin.

As of early 2021, vaccines against COVID-19 have started appearing in Chinese Medicine, with similar positive success track record to what has been seen from TCM, and as such the Athens Council, represented by the Secretary of the Council, Michail Kolpidis, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sino-European Institute for Financial and Economic Development ("SEIFED"), represented by the Global Ambassador, Yang Liu, on a variety of matters including the exploration of the possibility of registering vaccines of Chinese origin at the European Medicines Agency and other authorities.

The initiative also concerns the creation of the Committee on Chinese Medicine within the future special assembly of China at the House of Committees of the Supreme Congress, to advance matters and all aspects of public health in member states of the Commonwealth of Nations via Chinese Medicine and TCM.

Within the memorandum concluded with SEIFED, the institute is expected to be involved in creating the business plan for Grosvenor PC concerning the planting crops of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs in Ukraine and Greece.

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