Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council

Roerich, Duke of Commonwealth

His Highness the Duke of Commonwealth was born on September 12, 1991 in Warsaw, Poland, to a family of Greek shipowners and is a statesman, programmer and financial manager by profession. His Highness began programing at the age of ten and started his financial career in 2005 in the family owned shipping company Sunlight Maritime as an accounting assistant and worked his way up to financial co-director within a decade.

After the passing of his brother in 2016 and a series of profound events in Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the Greek crisis that led to significant personal sacrifices, His Highness has dedicated his life to public service.

The Duke of Commonwealth drafted in 2021 the constitution for the British Commonwealth of Nations laying the groundworks for the Commonwealth Framework and creating as well as organising the funding for the Supreme Congress essentially becoming the first Commonwealth Trustee and President of the Commonwealth.

His Highness is the founding father of the British Commonwealth of Nations an organisation and union of the people of 58 member nations on legislation and collaboration on establishing a creative society, while preserving and strengthening the sovereignty and voice of the people of each individual member state, in mutual benefit, development and common interest, for joint prosperity, general welfare and happiness.

Over the past 17 years has held various finance related roles in banking, industry and technology. A board member of the Electronic Money Issuer, the Royal Bank of Greece and the British Technology Bank. Chairman of Gofer Wealth plc that has over 69 bn. sterling of assets under management.

The Duke of Commonwealth serves as the Governor of The Greek Crown on behalf of the Greek people, is President of Royal Hellas, is council secretary of the Athens Council, is Chairman of the Global Britain Panel as well as is the first Honourable Trustee and Chairman of British Ukraine.

His Highness founded the Athens Property Exchange, created the Gofer Coin, the parallel currency Golden Drachma and the Depositary Receipts security as well as co-created the Reputation Index. Holds four non-executive directorships, two of which are in public companies. Holds 7 patents.

His Highness is Vice-Chairman of the Alexander Foundation, the founder and Chairman of the Roerich Technology Institute, a member of Grosvenor Barclay LLP and a significant shareholder of three large multinational commercial groups of companies active across numerous industries.