Inaugural Annual Meeting of the Athens Council


The new Green Agenda of a British Ukraine

ATHENS, GREECE - DECEMBER 31, 2021 - the Athens Council ("AC") announces that it has completed the hand-off process to British Ukraine which has become the national manager of the Green Ukraine program, within the context of its nomination as the local office in Ukraine for the green agenda of the Commonwealth.

With fast developing climate change, technological progress and shifting economic and political priorities the world is fast developing a green agenda, and this applies to the entire Commonwealth, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine, with the latter duo having enacted via the Athens Council in 2020 the Green Ukraine program.

The Green Ukraine program is a comprehensive framework established over a year ago to allow Ukraine to build its own green agenda, and create the most favorable circumstances to enable foreign entities to engage in projects, enterprises and initiatives that provide a benefit to the people of Ukraine and solve inherent issues, lead to increase of quality of life in Ukraine, and are beneficial to the environment and prestige of Ukraine.

The trade body of the British Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Foundation, manages the Commonwealth Green Fund (market identifier GREF), a fund that is overseen by the supervisory body established by the Green Policy of the Commonwealth, specifically the Green Policy Panel that is chaired by the Duke of Cambridge, HRH Prince William.

The fund can allow to fast-track the growth and funding of the program, which already has a number of exciting endeavours in the forestry, ecology, waste management and energy generation areas.

Being part of the green agenda of the Commonwealth means that the members of the program can finance, grow and market the enterprises they are involved with in Ukraine so much quicker for the benefit of the people of Ukraine, and provides a new meaning to the value of Green Ukraine.

In its’ current outlook, the Green Ukraine program is estimated to bring 3 billion sterling annually (approx. 108.6 billion Ukrainian hryvnia) to the state budget of Ukraine (an increase of 9.9%) and create 189,000 new permanent job positions.

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